New year, new habits!

The Chinese New Year is a celebration of positive change – out with the old and in with the new!

Dr. Vibhav R. Sanzgiri, Lifebuoy’s Global Research and Development Director, explains the best ways to celebrate while staying ahead of infections.

New year, new habits!“Food is central to Chinese New Year celebrations, but avoid infections by checking food is fresh and cooked properly. Wash your hands before eating and preparing food.”

“During celebrations, you are in close contact with many different people, and infections can spread easily. To stay protected, carry a hand sanitizer for your family to use on the go!”

1. Clean your house: sweep away bad luck and welcome the new Use this opportunity to disinfect kitchen surfaces and door handles as germs picked up from outside can often live on these surfaces

2. Decorate: bring good fortune with red and gold paper decorations Why not create a message wishing healthy habits for the New Year?

3. Gather the family for New Year Eve’s Jiaozi making!

Check out the recipe here to make the perfect Jiaozi – get the whole family involved, making sure everyone washes their hands first

4. Offer lucky red packets to family members

Give out red packets stuffed with money and sweets for children - symbolising wealth and good luck

5. Take part in the dragon procession with firecrackers

Check where your local dragon procession is taking place. Remember, crowds increase chances of infection, so carry a hand sanitizer to use on the go

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